Sunday, August 11, 2013

No Money Here! It's All Over There...

Remember when I wrote about the Fond du Lac School District, and their spending over $300,000 from their general fund to help pay for a $1 Million entryway to their high school football field?

In that article, I said this: 
Know one group who is absolutely TICKED at this news? Fond du Lac Teachers. The long time employees have been offered a 1% increase this year with any other movement in terms of steps/lanes having been frozen, but there have been numerous rumors swirling about new hires being brought in a various pay-grades experience levels that have little based in experience or education. 
Furthermore, the cost of bankrolling the Fruth Field expansion until donations come in, something around $332,695, is viewed in long-term employee's eyes as real dollars that could have been used to retain talent that has been lost to other districts around the area, such as the loss of long-time Business Director Sue Schnorr and Technical Coordinator for Computing Services Jeff Ruedinger. Or, it is money that could have been used to offer a 2% increase in base salary instead of simply 1%. (Giving an additional 1% increase to the district's 500ish teacher would cost roughly $300,000 FYI.) Or, money that could have been used to keep staff at the high school, like the copy-person, or even a part-time librarian. Isn't that a novel concept, a librarian at a high school of 2,000 students.

Now, we have news that the base pay will be taken up by the school board on Monday. From today's FDL Reporter: 
A one percent pay increase for teachers is expected to be approved when the Fond du Lac Board of Education meets on Monday. 
The meeting will begin at 4:30 p.m. at the District Administration Center. 
Superintendent Jim Sebert said the total base wage salary increase is consistent with what other employee groups in the district have received for the 2012-13 school year.
Fond du Lac Education Association members requested a higher amount for a wage increase, said Board President Elizabeth Hayes. 
“We did reach an impasse with the union during negotiations, but we could not afford more of an increase at this time,” Hayes said.
Too bad that there's no money for teachers/employees but plenty of money for a high school football program's glorified entryway. Maybe it's just me, but how many of the 27 new employees that were hired was a result of people moving away from the District because of choices like this one? As an employee, what does it say that your district finds more worth and value in sports than you as a teacher?

Talk about priorities...

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