Thursday, March 28, 2013

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairperson - We Have a Challenger

While at the Milwaukee Dem's meeting on Monday night, there were several sheets going around on clip-boards seeking signatures for candidates for several positions in the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

I signed some, I didn't sign some, but one I did pass on was for Mike Tate as Chairperson.

I think that Mr. Tate has not been a completely ineffective Chair of the party, and I often think that there is a lot he is blamed for that he has little control over. However, I also feel that there are some things that have not been done particularly well - One being the building of the democratic bench of candidates who are well in the mix for the 2012/14/16 elections, the other being the lack of messaging.

I'm a Progressive, and while I don't always see eye-to-eye with the Democratic Party, I'm a proud party member. For those of you who also feel that one of the things that makes our party better than others is that we have choices, I'm here to show you that there is someone challenging Mr. Tate - Rowan Viva. 

I don't have any information about her platform, her stance on issues, her beliefs about the party, but what I do know is that there is an alternative. As with any candidate she should be vetted and properly held to the highest standards as a possible Chairperson, so I'm not making an endorsement at this moment. I'm simply informing the readership of a different option.

Hopefully we hear more from her before the DPW Convention in June.

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