Monday, February 25, 2013

File This Under Horrified...

You know it's a really, really scary bit of territory when Wisconsin Reporter, who is really a front group that only claims to be journalistic, and I agree.

If that doesn't tell you how scary Governor Walker's budget is, I don't know what will.

This story is a few days old now, but then again, I'm not a person to peruse their website. However, THIS article is the one that concerns me. A few excerpted quotes:
MADISON – Gov. Scott Walker’s biennial budget proposal increases borrowing, does little to prepare Wisconsin for unwelcome economic surprises and increases the state’s deficit as calculated by generally accepted accounting principles, a Wisconsin Reporter analysis has found.
Ouch... Remember, this is media that's "friendly" to the Governor.
Increasing bonding for transportation and selling power plants is one of the “oddest budget proposals that has been floated recently,” Jon Peacock, director of theWisconsin Council on Children and Families’ Wisconsin Budget Project, blogged recently.
Which is yet another reason why Progressives/Liberals like myself keep saying, "follow the money" on this whole proposal.
Walker’s $67.999-billion budget plan for 2013-15 relies on January estimates of revenue and uses almost all of the $484 million projected “surplus,” including a $343 million income tax break.
So much for that "rainy day fund" and balancing the state budget. So, how often has Walker put things on the state's credit card?
Knapp’s final concern is that the state’s deficit, as calculated using generally accepted accounting principles, actually grows under Walker’s proposal 
During his 2010 gubernatorial campaign, Walker pledged to use generally accepted accounting principles to balance every state budget.
Once again... this is media that's supposedly friendly to the Governor? Yikes...
Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie did not respond to an email asking why Walker wasn’t using generally accepted accounting principles to balance the budget or whether the governor was concerned that the deficit grows under his proposal.
But then again, why would the Governor ever use things like generally accepted accounting principles or care whether or not the deficit actually goes up. You do realize that he is setting himself up for yet another crisis that he will have to pretend to "swoop in" and fix. Much like the $3.6 Billion deficit two years ago, or like he did with Milwaukee County before that.

It's setting the state up to fail so he can continue to take the state further right. If you really think the Governor isn't running again in 2014 and banking on winning, you're not paying attention. The Democrats are going to have to put up one hell of a fight, but Walker right now is banking on winning, and if he does... god help the middle class that remains in Wisconsin after that...

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