Thursday, August 23, 2012

Looks Like Somebody Was Told, "Tone It Down"

Current Fond du Lac City Council President Rick Gudex is the Republican challenger to State Senator Jessica King in the 18th District this fall, and it looks like his IT team has been busy reconfiguring his previously elementary campaign website . Along with a lot of references to "the leader" Governor Walker, it seems that somebody also told him he had to rephrase and take out some of the #batshitcrazy things he previously had in his "Issues" section. Here is a screen grab of his old page: 

And just for comparison sake, here is the link to his new page and a "screen grab": 

Hmm, notice any differences? Any language that's "toned down"? Like say where ANYTHING is in his new page about public employees? Or this idea of creating a "win-win" by taking Public Sector jobs and making them Private Sector ones?

I have already posted my comments on what he wrote on his original "Issues" page, and think that anyone who listens to what he says from this point forward in the campaign should know that his previous page is much more closely alligned to Mr. Gudex's philosophy of government. While holding the Senate is going to be a next to impossible task, I fully believe we cannot let Rick (You don't need money to run government) Gudex unseat Jessica King.

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